YDC Tokyo
~About Our Consulting Services

To our customers,

Yakujihou DotCom (YDC Tokyo) is a consulting firm to those who intend to export their ‘health and esthetic’ products such as general health foods, supplements, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, fitness/beauty products, and medical devices to the Japanese market. For their new business

launches in this market full of opportunities, we provide comprehensive consulting services and supports mainly targeting at obtaining various permissions and licenses from the Government, that often urge you to unwillingly take painstaking efforts and patience without advance

knowledge of administrative procedures and related laws and regulations. And if you’d like to be free of worries and stresses regarding the burdensome tasks in front of you, we’ll be your reliable partner to offering a shortcut to achieve your business goals asap!

If you are interested, please proceed to the following steps…


Please contact your counterpart via email, with your following listed items attached. All the texts in the essential parts must be translated either in Japanese or English beforehand.

1) Product briefs

  • - A full list of the products you desire to export to Japan, attached with copies of the product packages and usage instructions (An artwork for printing will be fine if it is the only available at that moment.)
  • - A full list of ingredients hopefully with ‘contained amount or ratio’ per each (Please also specify the active ingredient if you have any.)
  • - A record of product registration outside Japan in the past if you have any.
  • - Intended ‘product claim’ with supportive evidence available (ie, clinical/statistic data, certificate…)

2) Business Plan

  • - Intended date or deadline for the product launch
  • - A plan for the sales and distribution including a business entity (either your subsidiary or contracted partners or agents) for the domestic operations
  • - Your marketing plan including the target-setting, pricing and sales outlets if you have any.
  • - A copy of existing advertising, printed materials and web contents used outside Japan if you have any.

*If you wish to conclude a ‘Non-disclosure Agreement’ upon the information sharing with us, please send your contract documents written either in Japanese or English, or a proper translation in those languages attached.



Around or at the timing of the information sharing in STEP ONE above, please also let us know your intention if you’d like to have a ‘Preliminary Review / Q&A Session’ via email or ‘face-to-face interview’ (usually ‘one-hour-session’ either online or offline) to kick off the project. (The price per session is 200 USD, as you can see in our service menu. ‘Advance payment’ is required with no exception.) And you may bring up to 5 questions per session about the project and its procedures in general or any proposals you get from us. (‘Non-product-related questions regarding our services, prices, payment, terms and conditions for instance, do not count.)

We shall arrange the session with our principal consultant, Mike Hayashida as soon as we confirm your payment is done.

1) Please send the required amount via overseas remittance to the bank account below.

To be noticed upon your request

2) For your micropayment, ‘PayPal’ is also available for your convenience.

The receiver’s email: mike185@usjri.com

We accept another chance to send your queries about our comments or proposals in the preliminary session, to clarify all of your previous Qs were properly answered and aknowledged between us.


*After the Preliminary Review / Q&A Session

In accordance with the agreement in or after the preliminary session, we will start planning our base plan attached with the critical path and the quote to come back to you with our proposal usually in a week or two. Then, if you're happy with the proposals in details of its strategy, tactics, critical path, and quote for the entire project, please proceed to a payment of the first deposit (at least 50% of the approved total amount) to ensure our full-scale consulting and administrative supports to be provided further. (The payment plan could be negotiable with respect to your convenience, however, please remember that the rest of administrative procedures will be taken place after completion of the payment in advance.)